Diversified career development

The four years of undergraduate study equip our students with specific knowledge and skills to meet the demands of respective industries. They are also benefit from our liberal arts curriculum which permit them to engage in a wide range careers opportunities. UIC is located in the Greater Bay Area, which houses many international enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, students will have many job opportunities after they graduate. Our graduates work at companies and institutions like IT companies, financial institutions, consulting firms, manufacturing and developing firms, government departments, education sectors and large and medium-sized enterprises. They receive offers of employment from companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Tencent, Big Four, China Southern Power Grid, SGS, Sinopec and HKBU.

Go to a world-class university for further study

With English as the medium of instruction, UIC's education is of international standards with high-calibre academic performance. Each year, around 80% of FST graduates choose postgraduate studies home and abroad. According to the career survey, 397 out of 463 (85.75%) FST graduates from the Class of 2023 planned to continue their studies in world-renowned universities, 79.35% of which were admitted to the QS top 100 universities (as of Dec 2023). UK, US, Australia, HK (China) and Singapore have been the most popular destinations in recent years.

Here’re some top universities FST graduates have been successfully accepted to continue their postgraduate studies:

North America (e.g. USA, Canada)
Europe (e.g. UK)
Australia (e.g. Australia, New Zealand)
Asia (e.g. China, Singapore, Japan)