Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research and Application for Data Science

  • DirectorProf. Jianxin PAN
  • Associate DirectorsProf. Zhe XUANYUAN, Prof. Weifeng SU

Institute of Statistics and Computational Intelligence

  • DirectorProf. Kai-Tai FANG
  • Associate DirectorsProf. Weifeng SU, Dr. Ping HE

UIC FST – HKBU CSD Joint Active Media Computing Research Center

  • DirectorProf. Amy ZHANG

Human Factors and Performance Center

  • DirectorDr. Ghee HO

Zhuhai Key Laboratory of Agricultural Product Quality and Food Safety

  • DirectorProf. Bo LEI

UIC Interdisciplinary Research Hub on Eco-Environmental Data of Zhuhai 

  • DirectorDr. Siu-tai TSIM

Intergenerational Institute

  • DirectorDr. Alan LAI, Dr. Solna XING