UIC to offer two postdoctoral programmes

UIC's application to set up two postdoctoral programmes in two first-class disciplines, Mathematics and Statistics, has been approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. UIC is the only university in Zhuhai to receive this approval.It is the first time the application has been opened to Chinese-foreign (including Mainland-Hong Ko...


UIC President Prof Tang Tao elected TWAS Fellow

The World Academy of Sciences for the advancement of science in developing countries (TWAS) recently elected 47 new Fellows, hailing from 24 countries and regions worldwide, six of whom are from the Chinese mainland institutions. Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences and UIC President Prof Tang Tao was the only Chinese person in the field of Mathe...


[People of UIC] Guo Rui: Ploughing in Environmental Science for academic breakthroughs

Guo Rui was a UIC student of the Class of 2017, studying in the Department of Life Sciences. After graduating with a master's degree in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University & Research, she was admitted to the University of Queensland's (UQ) research programme for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Technologies with support from the China Scholarship Council.Guo RuiGuo Ru...


Six FST scholars make world's top 2% scientists list

Stanford University and Elsevier have made the World's Top 2% Scientists for 2023, a publicly accessible database showcasing highly cited researchers.The selected six UIC FST scholars are: UIC President, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences Prof Tang Tao; Dean of Graduate School Prof Jia Weijia; Prof Wang Qing-Guo of Department of Computer Sci...


FST scholars bring home NSFC funding for four projects

The review results of the 2023 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) projects application were recently announced, and four FST scholars were awarded project grants, including two general projects, one youth fund project and one foreign scholar fund project. The funding recipients for the two general projects are Prof Wang Qing-Guo and Prof Wang Tian; both are of the Department o...


[People of UIC] Deng Yunxi: At KCL, her journey of care and scientific exploration continues

Deng Yunxi is a student of UIC's Class of 2021 Applied Psychology Programme, and she was accepted by a programme initiated by the China Scholarship Council, supporting her to go to the King's College London (KCL) and pursue her doctoral degree in its Basic and Clinical Neuroscience department.Deng YunxiLooking back at the road to where she was standing, Deng said it was probably because of love...


[People of UIC] Li Yuanhao: From UIC Whole Person to PhD Pursuer

Li Yuanhao, a UIC 2022 graduate of the Data Science Programme, has received sponsorship from the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to study for a PhD degree in Edge Computing at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.


[People of UIC] Yin Jiaying: UIC, HKU and Cambridge, three stations to public health sciences

UIC's Class of 2022 Statistics Programme graduate Yin Jiaying was admitted to the University of Cambridge's MPhil in Population Health Sciences programme, a fruitful outcome of her four-year study at UIC. In UIC's internationally liberal arts education atmosphere and with her determination to walk further on the academic road, she managed to locate her passion and head towards it firmly.Yin Jia...