Four UIC teachers funded by Guangdong research foundation

Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation released a special project list in which four UIC teachers were included.

Dr Hu Chenguang from the Faculty of Business and Management entered the list with his project on the impact of the density of market-based organisational forms on the performance of state-owned enterprises.

Dr Meng Rui from the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) was selected for her research on key technologies for open-domain knowledge graphs' construction and completion enabled by large language model.

Dr Xie Fang from FST was also funded for her study on a statistical theoretical study of the stability points of regularised deep neural networks.

In addition, Dr Zhang Jiaqi from FST received the funding as he researched the interface current that combines fluid-structure interaction and dynamic infiltration.


Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Photos provided by FBM and FST

Editor: Deen He