UIC shatters records in global mathematical contests

UIC students have set a new record by claiming a victory in the 2024 Mathematical Contest in Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM), bagging a Finalist (top 2% globally), 4 Meritorious Winners, and 30 Honorable Mention winners.

This triumph follows their success in the Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) in 2023. In total, 86 UIC teams won awards at the national and provincial levels, including two national First Prizes and six Guangdong First Prizes.

On 15 May 2024, UIC's Faculty of Science and Technology hosted an award ceremony for the two competitions to celebrate the students' achievements and provide a platform for them to share their competition experiences and insights.

UIC President Prof Chen Zhi lauded the students' performance. He highlighted the pivotal role of mathematical modelling across various fields in today's society and in university general education. He voiced his delight at the rising number of UIC students from diverse academic backgrounds participating in international competitions, showcasing their talents while mirroring UIC's commitment to nurturing a spirit of exploration and innovation.

Prof Chen Zhi speaks at the ceremony

Associate Vice President (Internationalization) and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Prof Pan Jianxin, praised the students' performances in recent mathematical modelling contests with a greater number of and better quality awards received and papers published in prestigious international journals and conferences. He believed that students from various faculties and majors would continue to excel in future competitions.

Prof Pan Jianxin speaks at the ceremony

Prof Pan Jianxin (first from right) and Prof Adolf Ng (first from left) present awards to the Finalist winners of MCM/ICM

Prof Fang Kai-Tai (first from right) presents awards to the Meritorious Winners of MCM/ICM

Prof Xuanyuan Zhe(first from right) presents awards to the Honorable Mention winners of MCM/ICM

Prof Deng Yuhui (first from right) presents awards to the Honorable Mention winners of MCM/ICM

Prof Chen Zhi (first from right) presents awards to the national first-prize winners of CUMCM

Prof Adolf Ng (first from right) presents awards to Guangdong Provincial first-prize winners of CUMCM

Dr Chen Donglong (first from right) presents awards to Guangdong Provincial second-prize winners of CUMCM

Dr Fan Wentao (first from right) presents awards to Guangdong Provincial third-prize winners of CUMCM

Dr Jin Peng (first from right) presents awards to Guangdong Provincial third-prize winners of CUMCM

Prof Deng Yuhui presents Dr Wu Jingjin, Ms Song Xiebing and Mr Fu Songfeng the Outstanding Organization Award of CUMCM in Guangdong

Liu Yixuan of the Finance Programme, and Zou Yanyi and Wang Zixu of the Applied Economics Programme clinched the MCM/ICM Finalist title. They emphasised the importance of paper writing, diagram drawing, and overall layout in the MCM/ICM.

The finalists, Liu Yixuan, Zou Yanyi and Wang Zixu share their experience

Nie Ziyang of the Finance Programme attributed his team's success in the National Contest and the Provincial Contest to continuous discussion, adjustment, effective teamwork and time management.

Nie Ziyang shares his experience

Zhang Yixin of the Financial Mathematics Programme praised her team's resilience and collaborative spirit. She expressed gratitude for the guidance and support from their teachers, which, she said, made their journey to securing the National First Prize and Guangdong Province First Prize in the National Contest both rewarding and enjoyable.

Zhang Yixin shares her experience

Group photo


Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Photographer: Kristin Jin

Editor: Deen He