[People of UIC] Chen Jinming: Curiosity and collaboration guide me to Oxford

Chen Jinming, a fourth-year student of UIC's Department of Mathematical Sciences, has received offers from Oxford's MSc in Mathematical Modelling and MSc in Scientific Computing, and UC Berkeley Statistics Professional Master's Programme.

Chen is a proactive learner who always dares to ask teachers and peers questions and seek solutions. For example, he once asked five teachers from different fields to figure out a theory. When preparing for his Oxford interview, Chen consulted some professors and doctoral students with relevant academic issues, including Prof Zhang Qiang and Prof Wang Yuliang, to tackle his weak points. Eventually, he passed it smoothly.

Chen Jinming wins the National Scholarship

He is also an enthusiastic lecturer who is always willing to share knowledge and learning methods in academic study and language tests with his peers. He founded a study group where students could help each other out of their confusion and share helpful study notes. Before the big exams, he would also give online lectures to students at UIC and other schools. His generosity had yielded good results. In his third year, one of his classmates, whom he often counselled, recommended him for an internship at a state-owned enterprise in Beijing.

Chen said he looked forward to studying at Oxford, which would be his second time sitting in a classroom there after participating in UIC's overseas summer programme. "The programme helped merealise the gap between myself and the top schools, so I came back and immediately adapted my study methods."

Chen Jinming at Oxford in UIC's overseas summer programme

Regarding his future, he had set his goal and planned to go into business. "Having certainty of purpose and focusing on the present keeps one from falling into a state of suffering, even with setbacks," he said.


Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Photos provided by Grace Yu and the interviewee

Editor: Deen He