[People of UIC] Guo Rui: Ploughing in Environmental Science for academic breakthroughs

Guo Rui was a UIC student of the Class of 2017, studying in the Department of Life Sciences. After graduating with a master's degree in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University & Research, she was admitted to the University of Queensland's (UQ) research programme for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Technologies with support from the China Scholarship Council.


Guo Rui

Guo Rui started to study at UIC in 2013, and the active academic atmosphere and the international environment strengthened her teamwork, communication and English writing skills, shaping her to be more logical and creative. Recalling her time at UIC, Guo said, "UIC has greatly impacted my personal growth."


Guo Rui with Prof Ruan Huada at UIC

UIC's ample exchange opportunities also helped Guo discover her interest in scientific research. In her third year, she joined the school's summer programme and went to the Center for the Sciences and Innovation at Trinity University for internship and research.


Guo Rui at Trinity University's academic poster exhibition

After graduating from UIC in 2017, Guo Rui continued her education and gained admission to Wageningen University & Research, ranked second globally in environmental science. During her studies, she completed her thesis on removing low concentrations of selenium in simulated wastewater. She successfully obtained her master's degree in 2019 and went back to China.


Guo Rui on a field trip during her studies at Wageningen University & Research

Before applying for the doctoral programme at UQ, she used to work in the Hunan Research Academy of Environmental Sciences as a research assistant and temporarily transferred to the Ecology and Environment Department of Hunan. The work experience showed her the value of scientific research and her interests in the academy.

The year 2023 is the tenth year since Guo stepped into the field of environmental science. She hoped to achieve more wastewater biological treatment technology results and contribute to environmental protection.

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Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Photos provided by the interviewee

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