Long lasting love: UIC alumni continue life's journey as PhD students and parents

Scientific research could be a lonely and arduous adventure. Luckily, Luo Jiaqiang and Wu Tong have each other by their sides on their academic journey. The couple met at UIC and then went to Australia for their Master's and Doctoral degrees together. Wu Tong, 2014 FST graduate, obtained a Master's Degree in Food Sciences at the University of Melbourne, pursuing Doctoral...

Mar 10, 2022

[People of UIC] Meet Qiu Yitao: from UIC to ICL

In October 2021, Qiu Yitao started his journey at Imperial College London (ICL), a top research university globally, where he is exposed to new learning resources and opportunities. Having experienced the teaching pattern at UIC, which involved group work and an internationalised atmosphere, Yitao adjusted to postgraduate studies quickly.

Mar 4, 2022

[People of UIC] Meet Yao Yueying: A gift for graduation - a published SCI paper

Yao Yueying, a 2021 graduate of UIC's Food Science and Technology Programme, has been admitted to a Master of Science programme in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the NYao Yueying, a 2021 graduate ...

Jul 9, 2021

[People of UIC] Meet Yang Ruixin: Applying lifelong lessons learnt at UIC

Yang Ruixin is a 2016 graduate of Applied Psychology (APSY) at UIC. In addition to her excellent academic achievements during her time at UIC, Ruixin explains that UIC has taught her that even if she can't do ...

Jun 30, 2021

[People of UIC] Zhang Yixuan: Turning love for games into a career at Alibaba

In recent years, more leading internet enterprises have settled in Pazhou in Guangzhou, including Alibaba South China Operation Centre. Zhang Yixuan, a Computer Science and Technology Programme student...

May 13, 2021

UIC alumnus Dai Jianjin awarded the first Shenzhen Youth May Fourth Medal

UIC alumnus of the Applied Psychology Programme and co-founder of Beeplus, Dai Jianjin, was awarded the first Shenzhen Youth May Fourth Medal.Dai Jianjin (first row, third from the left) at the awarding ceremony of...

May 7, 2021

[People of UIC] Wei Xuan: Next station, Yale University

Wei Xuan, a fourth-year student studying Statistics in the Division of Science and Technology (DST) at UIC, received the admission letter from Yale University’s Master of Science in Public Health in Biostatistics...

Apr 21, 2021

[People of UIC] Meet Guo Jiaxin: Tackling environmental challenges

Graduated in 2014, Guo Jiaxin is an alumnus of UIC's Environmental Science Programme. He then obtained a master's degree in Chemistry and Biomolecular Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and...

Mar 19, 2021