The College initiated the Academic Advisor Programme for Year 2-4 undergraduate students from September 2020. The objectives for this Programme are:

  • To encourages a high level of Student-Teacher interaction and mentorship in UIC’s education

  • To help students feel they are part of UIC community

  • To ensure that students spend their time at UIC in the most productive and positive way

Academic Advisors will provide service to students seeking general academic guidance and pastoral care. The advisors for 2023-2024 Academic Year are:

AdvisorsEmailOfficeStudent allocation
Ms. Feng 4 (Stu. ID in odd numbers)
Mr. Yiren 4 (Stu. ID in even numbers)
Ms. Lu 3 (Stu. ID in odd numbers)
Mr. Fei 3 (Stu. ID in even numbers)
Dr. Wei 2/5 (Stu. ID in odd numbers)
Mr. Caleb 2/5 (Stu. ID in even numbers)