Financial mathematics (FM) programme produces global financial professionals

Financial mathematics (FM) is a cross-disciplinary field that brings finance, economics, mathematical theory, statistics and computer science together. Financial mathematics is found to be important in understanding the issues aroused from the ever increasing complexity of the financial world, especially in the area of constructing the different financial products, hedging and risk management and investment portfolio optimization.

Financial mathematics has been widely used by global financial professionals such as Wall Street traders and financial analysts in commercial banks, investment banks, hedge fund, insurance companies and other financial institutions. In China, the rapid growth of its economy causes a great demand for the graduates from financial mathematics who develop a variety of different financial products in order to meet the needs for capturing the potential growth and for managing the risk.

Our financial mathematics programme starts its enrollment from 2011 and aims to equip our graduates with the skills needed for doing comprehensive quantitative analysis of financial products, financial institutions and markets.