UIC students obtain multiple prizes in modelling competition

The results of the 4th Greater Bay Cup Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Financial Mathematics Modelling Competition have been announced. Nine teams from UIC's Faculty of Science and Technology, School of Culture and Creativity and Faculty of Business and Management won one first prize, one second prize, two third prizes and five winning prizes.


The Competition was organised by multiple institutes, including the Guangdong Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Center for Applied Mathematics, aiming to promote innovative research on mathematical modelling methods in finance and interdisciplinary development. It had attracted 1,147 teams with a total of 3,127 students from colleges and universities across China and overseas.

UIC's first-prize-winning team was formed by two fourth-year students of the Computer Science and Technology Programme Cheng Qianlong and Chen Yinzhuo, and one second-year of the Statistic Programme Weng Yingying. They said the biggest challenge they faced in the competition was to combine financial theories with societal issues and market data and design an innovative and practical model.


Chen Yinzhuo, Cheng Qianlong, Weng Yingying (from left)

Through good teamwork and time management, they successfully conquered the hurdles, and they suggested future participants should emphasise these two soft skills, while harnessing academic knowledge and be brave when facing setbacks.


Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Photos provided by the interviewees

Editor: Deen He

Last Updated:May 10, 2024