UIC Unveils Two Postdoctoral Programmes

UIC held a launching ceremony and unveiled plaques for its two postdoctoral programmes, Mathematics and Statistics, on 14 December 2023. UIC is the first and only university in Zhuhai to receive the approval to establish postdoctoral programmes.


UIC President Prof Tang Tao expressed his delight in the academic achievement and said the establishment of the postdoctoral programmes is an important milestone in UIC's development. He also thanked the faculty for their hard work and looked forward to more breakthroughs in the future.


Prof Tang Tao speaks at the ceremony

The following appointments were announced at the ceremony: Associate Vice President (Internationalisation), Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology Prof Pan Jianxin was appointed as the Chairman of the Management Committee of UIC's postdoctoral programmes, Prof Di Yana would act as the Director of the postdoctoral programme of Mathematics, and Prof Zhang Qiang as Deputy Director; Dr Ye Huajun would act as the Director of the postdoctoral programme of Statistics, and Dr He Ping as Deputy Director.

Prof Pan Jianxin at the ceremony

Prof Di Yana (left) andDr Ye Huajun (right) with Provost Prof Patrick Chau


Prof Zhang Qiang (left) with Vice President (Research and Development) Prof Jia Weijia (right)


Dr He Pingwith Prof Jia Weijia

UIC senior management including Party Secretary of the College Party Committee, Vice President (Administration) Prof Mao Yaqing, Associate Vice President (Student Development), Acting Dean of School of General Education Prof Stella Cho and Academic Registrar Prof Li Jianhui attended the ceremony.




Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Photographer: Season Li, Covee Wang

Editor: Deen He

Last Updated:Dec 25, 2023