Intergenerational Institute

Currently there are UIC faculty members and students from APSY that involved in research and community services in the discipline of intergenerational studies. The emphasis of this group is in research at intergenerational programming (e.g., designing programs to connect people of different generations for mutual benefits), and would like to have UIC facilities and resources accessible to them for different purposes.


Founder - Dr. Alan LAI

Director & Project Manager - Dr. Solna Linna XING

Intern Project Executive - XIE Yi (Irene), HUANG Tianming (Felix), YUAN Yuwen (Sophia), LIAO Zirui (Leo), ZHANG Xiaoya (Agnes)

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◆ Intergenerational Newsletter

Each issue contains three introductions to intergenerational news in the Greater Bay Area.


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◆ Outputs


Guidebook for Intergenerational Practices


Lai, A., & Xing, S. L. N. (2021). Intergenerational Health Review: Learning about Older Adults’Reminiscence through a College Course Project. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 19(4), 1-9.

Lai, A., Xing, S. L. N., & Ho, G. H. (2021). Intergenerational Auditor Program: Involving a Retired Professional in the Classroom. Innovative Teaching and Learning, 3(1), 69-85.


[Oral presenter] Lai, A., Xing, S. L. N., & XIE, I. Y. (2021). the Generations United’s 2021 Virtual Intergenerational Conference, Washington DC, the United States, June 2021 [Virtual meeting]

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